Revenio strives to innovate within health tech. We are determined to think beyond our core conventions to service new areas of care. The introduction of the Ventica lung function test is a demonstration of our capabilities. Although clinical studies are still underway, we believe the Ventica test has the potential to revolutionize asthma management in young children.

Revenio Group Corporation is a Finnish health tech group listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Today we are famous for our Icare® tonometer which has become the standard in care of the eye worldwide. Our vision is to become a significant provider of efficient and easily adoptable methods for early detection of diseases beyond glaucoma. This goal is currently met with innovative releases within asthma and skin cancer.

The Ventica technology was licensed to Revenio in 2015. The technology has since been turned into a CE marked product on which multiple clinical studies are currently running. The first results are promising and have been published in peer reviewed journals. Confirming results are expected during 2017.